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Take the next step on your path to SUCCESS!

Find your own strength and become a manifestor.


Awake yourself through healing sessions
& Learn courses to empower yourself 

Co-create and Walk Your Light!


I am Yael Benattar, a spiritual teacher, a healer, and a life change trainer - will guide you in search of inner transformation and spiritual growth through deep processes and teachings.  

I work with many healing tools and dimensions to enable you to have an honest communication with your higher-self to grow, develop and reach your soul-purpose in life. In challenging times of transition, I walk the path with you, trust the support of your soul, understand  and clear the blockage of your development. You will recognise the actualities showing up in your life to strengthen your wisdom and confidences.

For the past 26 years, I am strongly dedicated to bring change through teaching and spread profound spiritual knowledge, energetic healing techniques, personal empowerment training and transformation tools with depth in many countries. The purpose being to open up new worlds inside and outside of you . Begin a new life and new you!

I have the ability to give you the appropriate push if you are looking to empower yourself, dare to take risk in walking the first step to bloom and begin a journey adapted to your soul mission and a true you.

Experiencing an inner healing journey demands courage, readiness to learn, compassion to reach the different layers of "self" and wisdom to integrate the teachings in order to spread our true light.

I teach dozens of different courses and classes, that will allow you to:

Learn How to speak Light Language; Learn Healing Techniques; Learn Long distance Healing Techniques; Learn how to Heal your DNA; Self-Empowerment workshops; A little bit of Magic; Healing Sessions one on one; Retreats

Email me for detailed information regarding the different courses please and I will respond as soon as possible.

Healing yourself meditation

Heart and Mind Pathway meditation

Love Yourself meditation



"Being with Yael is a being with heart and soul,

Experiencing in depth inner journeys

Expanding the heart and mind

To the depth of your soul, where the soul seeks to heal.

Yael has plenty of knowledge, tools, and techniques from ancient cultures,

While, all the time, renewing herself with knowledge, workshops, and techniques

Every encounter with Yael,

Is an experience, a personal inner journey.

To a better place of self.

I do recommend it for you, as a better way to understand what words are short to describe.


"We belong to the whole. Our existence is interwoven with the existence of the stars, the planets, the earth, the plants, the animals, the oceans, soul families and dimensions. Our ability to expand is beyond limit!” - Yael Benattar


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