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What is a spiritual path?

"We belong to the whole. Our existence is interwoven with the existence of the stars, the planets, the earth, the plants, the animals, the oceans and more ...

Following a spiritual path includes taking a courageous responsibility for this life, which we have chosen, in a constant, deep and inner work with ourselves. We are the healers of ourselves and have the ability to go in depth and find our own answers and choices.

With guidance and direction, we are able to see all the elements needed to fulfill our soul mission and we receive accurate support for the steps and choices that are right for us. Every step of the way to fulfillment can be easier, more understandable, more empowering. We may have to release limiting beliefs, fears, resistance mechanisms to life. To live is to embody our commitments, to dare, to participate and to allow change - to BE!

In our choice to treat our wounds and traumas, we are opening up a new path to self-growth. We create a conscious possibility to transcend ourselves, to make an inner transformation. We say no - to our limiting beliefs and the too familiar inner voice that directs us to self-sabotage, and we say yes, yes to life, yes to joy, yes to self-love, yes to what is impossible so it becomes possible!

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Be ready to take action to embark on your spiritual path!


It begins with commitment to your desired goals and finding the appropriate guidance that will empower you  and be of support every steps of the way. 


I can offer you these support to bring you to a place where you can use your own wisdom, enhance your intuition and psychic abilities, learn how to listen to your soul. I will be there to hold the space for processes in time of healing. 


Learning is the key to growth, the key to increase your frequency and shine more light. I invite you to register to the class of your choice and allow me to accompany you along the way.

Some of the courses waiting for you:

  • Light Language: LL1, LL2, LL3, Teacher Training, Mobius, Torus, Catalan, Advanced Principles, Prisms.

  • DNA: DNA 1, DNA 2, DNA 3 and Teacher Training

  • Divine Intervention Retreat (for more information, visit

  • Hanafuda Retreat

  • Matrix Retreat

  • Cord cutting, Vows removal, Ego, Courage, Decision, Silent Abuse, Innerchild, Relationship, The Power of Forgiveness, Choices of the Soul, Past Life Regression, Akashic Record Healing, Heart Memory Healing, Heart Soul Retrieval, 33 Energies of Love, Grief Relief, Clearing Karmic Imprints and more classes.

  • Sacred Weave, Transformation Sphere, Light Energy Weave, Rose Sigil, Red and White Rose Healings, Long Distance Healing, The Magic of the Mystery Schools, How to be a Healer I/ II, Aura Zone, Columbian Lights, Golden Cloak I/II, Wand Magic I/II, Orange Class, Spiritual Heart, The Seven Arches Healing, The Tree of Love and Light, Connection to Cyrstals, Inter-dimensional Signatures, Corn Reading, Seeds of Success, Stream of Lights and many more.

  • A variety of zoom sessions for private healing including DNA maps writing.

  • Most classes can be teach in zoom for groups or personal healing.

  • Available to travel abroad for teaching.

  • Those are in-depth and self- empowerment teachings to make significant changes in your life.

Want to know more?

Email me your personal details and I will get back to you for a zoom meeting.

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